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BQSL Vietnam - BQSL Quality Control

BQSL is an expert team in beverage production and quality control.

We are challenging to support the front line people in charge for the beverage quality with some user-friendly tools and services.

To stimulate your KAIZEN activity,let minimize your labor working time by using BQSL tools and services.


BQSL products 


DGV-1with Z&N 6001 piercing device

DGV-1with Light Weight piercing device for PET

DGV-1 Piercing Device Universal

Automated GV&Air Tester FreeSHAKE-8



BQSL Vacuum Pressure Tester

DGV-1Cup Tester


Quick DeGas

High Gas Volume Pilot plant.

Hotwire PET bottle cutter


Flexible Membrane filtration apparatus for Micro. Testing


Digital Fill point gauge


Secure Seal Tester

for PET




Zahm&Nagel Products 




SS60 Volume meter


D-T piercing device


New style air tester


CO2 gas purity tester




Other products and custom order 








BQSL branch in Guangzhou China

JINGHAO(Guangzhou)Trading Co., Ltd.







BQSL is an expert team in beverage production and quality control, which has a long experience in beverage world. BQSL has an international network that covers beverage brands such as Pepsi and Coca Cola and manufacturers of materials and so on. making use of this network, BQSL provides a lot pf services such as holding beverage QC seminar, supporting for trouble shooting, picking up samples, arranging materials, and getting information on new products development. 
If you need these services, please contact us. 





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